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Mountainview Elementary School
Mountainview Elementary School
Irene Agosto Principal

Welcome back to school!

I believe that the skills I have acquired in my years as an educator and administrator will serve me well in my new position. I began my career at the Douglas Hospital as a teacher and remained there for 11 years. I moved to Woodland Elementary school and spent the next 15 years working with special needs students and students in grade 4 and 6. I moved to Riverdale High School where I was a resource teacher for 2 years. My next challenge was being appointed vice principal at Howard S. Billings High School, where I remained for 4 years. From there, I moved to Genesis Elementary school where I remained as principal for 5 years. These varied experiences have allowed me to acquire skills that I hope to contribute to Mountainview.

I believe that the community plays an important part in the success of a school. The partnership between staff members and parents helps to enrich the academic success of the students. We need to work together to ensure that all possible resources are available to help students succeed. I look forward to working with all our partners in ensuring the continued growth of Mountainview Elementary School.

On behalf of the staff at Mountainview, we wish you all a great school year.

Miss Agosto


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