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École Primaire
Elementary School




NameEmailWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
D'Itri, Melanie   Teacher
Agosto, Irene  Administration Principal
Bergeron, Carine  Music Teacher
Gelinas Forster, Claudia  Music Teacher
Marotta, Angelo  Phys. Ed. Teacher
Leclair, Jessica  Resource Teacher
Luciano, Rina  Resource Teacher
Davidson, Lisa  Cycle 1 Teacher
Karasavvas, Anastasia  Cycle 1 Teacher
O'Neill, Peggy  Cycle 1 Teacher
Pianta, Tina  Cycle 1 Teacher
Blouin, Barbara  Cycle 2 Teacher
Rankin, LIsa  Cycle 2 Teacher
Thevenot, John  Cycle 2 Teacher
Lanthier, Sophie  Cycle 3 Teacher
Latreille, Joelle  Cycle 3 Teacher
Andrews, Tasha  Elementary Teacher
Hodge, Tara  Kindergarten Teacher
Lacourse, Jennifer  Kindergarten Teacher

Word of the Day: HARUM-SCARUM
Definition: (adjective) Cheerfully irresponsible.

Synonyms: devil-may-care, happy-go-lucky, slaphappy, freewheeling, carefree.

Usage: I was a harum-scarum, reckless lad, and he had had an education, and was already marked for the sword-belt.

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