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École Primaire
Elementary School




NameWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
Agosto, Irene Administration Principal
Bergeron, Carine Music Teacher
Blouin, Barbara Cycle 2 Teacher
D'Itri, Melanie  Teacher
Davidson, Lisa Cycle 1 Teacher
Guindon, Sydney Phys Ed. & Health Teacher
Hodge, Tara Kindergarten Teacher
Lacourse, Jennifer Kindergarten Teacher
Lanthier, Sophie Cycle 3 Teacher
Latreille, Joelle Cycle 3 Teacher
Leclair, Jessica Resource Teacher
Luciano, Rina Resource Teacher
O'Neill, Peggy Cycle 1 Teacher
Pianta, Tina Cycle 1 Teacher
Rankin, LIsa Cycle 2 Teacher
Wilson, Audrey Elementary Teacher

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