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École Primaire
Elementary School




NameEmailWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
Agosto, Irene  Administration Principal
Bergeron, Carine  Music Teacher
Bisaillon, Mathilde   Teacher
Biunno, Sonia  Phys. Ed. Teacher
Blouin, Barbara  Cycle 2 Teacher
Bruno, Maria   Teacher
D'Itri, Melanie   Teacher
Davidson, Lisa  Cycle 1 Teacher
Fratarcangeli, Tania  Cycle 3 Teacher
Hodge, Tara  Kindergarten Teacher
Karasavvas, Anastasia  Cycle 1 Teacher
Lacourse, Jennifer  Kindergarten Teacher
Lanthier, Sophie  Cycle 3 Teacher
Latreille, Joelle  Cycle 3 Teacher
Leclair, Jessica  Resource Teacher
Luciano, Rina  Resource Teacher
Nakhle, Layal  Phys. Ed. Teacher
O'Neill, Peggy  Cycle 1 Teacher
Pianta, Tina  Cycle 1 Teacher
Poudrette, Nathalie  Cycle 1 Teacher
Rankin, LIsa  Cycle 2 Teacher
Rose, Crystal-Lynn  Resource Teacher
Thevenot, John  Cycle 2 Teacher

Word of the Day: CURARE
Definition: (noun) A toxic alkaloid found in certain tropical South American trees that is a powerful relaxant for striated muscles.

Synonyms: tubocurarine.

Usage: The arrow was usually tipped with a poison, such as curare, which would stun or kill the struck prey.

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