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École Primaire
Elementary School


Governing Board



Mountainview Governing Board


Irene Agosto - Principal Kyle Snell - parent representative
Lisa Rankin - teacher  Nicola Delnero - parent representative
Carine Bergeron - teacher Cynthia Ronci - parent representative, alternate delegate to Parent's Committee
Peggy O;Neill - teacher Lannie Richard - parent representative and parent delegate to the Parent's Committee at the board
Sophie Lanthier - teacher Andrea Lariviere - parent representative
Sharon McCulloch - daycare Kerry Hall - parent representative
Amanda Collins - Support staff 

Constable Harding - community representative


Word of the Day: UPROARIOUS
Definition: (adjective) Marked by or causing boisterous merriment or convulsive laughter.

Synonyms: hilarious, screaming.

Usage: My brother spent the evening regaling us with uproarious tales of the pranks he and his bunkmates used to play on the other campers.

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